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Welcome to the multifaceted world of Tyler Olsen, an entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of businesses, each designed to make a unique impact.

Each of these businesses is designed to bring the right services at the right time to businesses and individuals who need them, and improve the wellbeing of the local community as a whole. Tyler is a proud Veteran and South Dakotan, here to make a lasting positive impact in EMS and business.

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Minuteman EMS

This is a Veteran-owned and operated emergency medical service company, committed to providing resources and solutions for wildland fires, events, 911 services, and natural disasters nationwide. As a qualified paramedic, Tyler Olson runs Minuteman EMS as a well-oiled machine, with born leaders and role models at all levels of the company, ready to help in dire emergencies at a moment's notice.

This enterprise offers superb opportunities for collaboration and partnership with other EMS organizations, where you can team up with Tyler Olson, entrepreneur, and find the business solution that works for you.


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The Journeyman

This is a specialized digital marketplace and community for the Wildland Fire Industry. Connecting certified contractors, W2 employees, and businesses, and streamlining job placement even during busy fire seasons, The Journeyman is there to assist the Wildland fire community, employers and employees alike, provide a better service and find suitable partnerships.

You can explore many great business opportunities and services through The Journeyman. Whether you wish to collaborate or sell your business, Tyler Olson, entrepreneur is interested in your story.


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Minute Man Marketing

This is a local business in Rapid City, South Dakota, specializing in connecting businesses to their customers. Utilizing a Network of screens with Indoor Digital Billboards strategically placed in local businesses, we can place your business front and center in people's minds when they are waiting, at leisure, or on the go.

These indoor billboards employ cutting-edge digital technology for impactful advertising and cost-effective solutions for local businesses to enhance their visibility. Contact Tyler Olson here to kcik start your marketing campaign.







Join the Journey with Tyler Olsen

Discover the possibilities with Tyler Olsen and his ventures. Whether you are in need of emergency medical services, navigating opportunities in the Wildland Fire Industry, or seeking innovative local advertising solutions, Tyler is here to make a lasting impact.

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