Tyler J Olson


Tyler Olson, paramedic

And Entrepreneur

Founder of Minuteman EMS, The Journeyman, and Minuteman Marketing

A warm welcome to the website of Tyler Olson, paramedic, entrepreneur, and founder of Minuteman EMS, providers of emergency wildfire services across the United States. A former Marine, Tyler applied his military skills to became a paramedic in EMS, and combined this with his love of the outdoors, to specialize in covering woodland fire emergencies. 







Combining business with passion

Minuteman EMS 

 From his EMS experience Tyler Olson paramedic founded Minuteman EMS, which provides emergency medical resources to wildland fires, 911 services, and natural disasters throughout the United States.

The Journeyman 

 Recently he founded The Journeyman, a community for the wildland fire and rescue industry, aimed at improving safety, training standards, and job opportunities for firefighters and EMS providers nationally.

Minuteman Marketing 

 His latest venture is Minuteman Marketing, which connects businesses and their clients through indoor billboards, and enables local businesses to be seen more widely in Rapid City, South Dakota.



Partner with Tyler Olson

If you are looking to sell a business, or have a vision that would benefit from entrepreneurial expertise, get in touch today. Tyler is constantly on the lookout for business connections and is dedicated to building a team devoted to both professional and personal growth.

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About Tyler

Professional Journey:


Joined the Marine Corps, 2011:

Tyler Olson's career in the Armed Forces encompassed that of a Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Defense Specialist, where his primary responsibility was in training units to be ready to survive and operate in a post-attack environment.


Took part in TCCC training, 2013:

The Tactical Combat Casualty Care course, which provides life-saving expertise to soldiers in the battlefield, ignited a passion in Tyler that eventually led him out of the Marines and into a career as a paramedic.





Paramedic career, 2015 onwards:

In his career, Tyler Olson, paramedic, has served in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, Pine Ridge Ambulance Service, South Dakota, and at Fireline Medics in Moscow, Idaho, honing his craft, and providing timely medical intervention in the most challenging natural events.


Founding Minuteman EMS, 2021:

Tyler established Minuteman to provide specialist Emergency Medical Services in the case of wildfires, events, and natural disasters, initially in South Dakota, and then across the United States.

Transitioning from the Marines to pursuing a career in EMS brings both challenges and rewards, and the two careers are very transferrable, with both demanding high levels of fitness, leadership skills, teamwork, and discipline.

In both roles you never know what to expect next, and you live to be of service in the most vital clutch minutes. I am proud to have served my country well, and my military background now serves me well in my career and business ventures.